What’s New with Coherent? May 2019

What's New

Visitor Sign-in, Edit bookings, Salto improvements & more!

We recently released an update with many new features and some improvements to existing ones.

We released a big update to our Salto integration, a visitor sign-in system, the ability to edit bookings, and improved the way we handle abandoned signups.

Read on to find out what else is new for May!

Salto integration improvements

Our Salto access control integration is now fully live and ready for action. The first version that we released a few weeks ago was fairly basic and gave all your members access to all doors. With this update, we give access based on a member’s tariff and/or bookings. 

In Coherent, you can now choose which doors all of your members should have access to and which are only accessible on certain tariffs, i.e. offices or studios. When a member signs up to a tariff, we automatically give them the relevant level of access so they can start opening doors without their smartphone, without you needing to lift a finger.

As part of this update, even if you aren’t using Salto, you can set opening times to individual tariffs. So if you want some members to be able to make bookings 24/7, and others 9-5, well now you can! 

Visitor sign-in

When someone comes to visit you or one of your members, they can now be checked in so that you have a record of all visitors and a way of letting a member know that their visitor has arrived.

If you’ve got an external device like an iPad at your reception desk, we’ve created a check-in process for the visitors. If you don’t have an external device, then you can just check visitors in manually yourself.


Edit Bookings

This is one of our most requested features, so we’re really happy to announce that it’s now live! Both you and your members can now edit bookings, resources, dates, time and notes. No longer do members need to cancel a booking and recreate it just because they forgot to include a note about wanting tea and coffee with their meeting room booking.

Abandoned Sign-up Improvements

If a member started the signup process but stopped halfway through, they could end up in a bit of a loop where they couldn’t sign in or sign up.

We’ve fixed this by sending an email reminder if someone abandoned the signup process and then by clearing their data after a short period of time so they can sign up from scratch with no problems.

Final Thoughts

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any feedback or questions you have about this update. Until next time, have a great month!