What’s New with Coherent? June 2021

What's New

In the spirit of slowing down to move forward, we have used our time over the last few weeks to ease into the summer while turning our attention to our operators, who have recently reopened their doors. We wanted to be there to better support them with getting their spaces back up and running. 

Alongside reconnecting with our operators, we have been focusing on improving our features through minor bug fixes, redesigns, and general enhancements across the app. These minor fixes lay the groundwork for some of the more significant releases we have planned for later in the year. 

Join us as we share What’s New with Coherent for June 2021.

If you have any questions or feedback about this update, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

What’s new for June?

Coherent App Screenshot

Membership Management Update 

We have recently made changes to memberships where Coherent will limit dashboard access until new members have set up a direct debit mandate. This update avoids confusion, keeps host workload down, and only allows paying members to book the resources they require. 

Further to this, we have worked to improve the host user experience, where hosts will now be able to access a member’s dashboard, who doesn’t have a direct debit mandate in place, when they enter impersonation mode. This update will allow hosts to support their members better. 

Improvements to Tariffs

We’ve developed the workflow of the no-minimum month contracts, so these will no longer display as expiring contracts. These changes to our monthly tariff settings will reduce the number of tasks shown in the host’s dashboard. 

Changes to Search Functionality on Organisations Page

We’ve made adjustments to improve the way results are displayed on our Organisations Page. When searching using filters, the results are more functional and easier to navigate to provide a smoother user experience. 

Improvement to the Page Flow of Organisation Billings 

We have made changes to enhance the way operators and hosts can search through organisations billing documents. Operators will now navigate back to the organisation’s profile from an individual invoice when enquiring about a specific organisation billing.

Display Developments

We have corrected some issues with some of the character counters appearing on some fields across the app. We’ve also made some back-end developments to better improve how character restrictions work in different fields. Further to this, we have made updates to the design of our app so that it is now more accessible for all of our users. 

Resolved Issues with Bookings 

We have also resolved bugs and issues related to editing bookings. Making and editing bookings should be back to normal now. 

Improvements to User Experience 

And last but not least, we have made some alterations to the overall user experience of our app. We have improved the functionality of our modals, improved the navigation of our alert banners, and made some changes to the resource options of dedicated tariffs. 

Coming Soon…

Stripe Integration

Our launch with Stripe is into the final rounds of testing. We hope to have this up and running with our Beta Testers shortly with positive results. Many of our operators are anticipating this release, so we are working hard to ensure a smooth integration when it’s released. 

External Lead Forms

We are working to create a Register your Interest form, which workspaces can embed on their website for prospective members. Once completed, the data entered into the form will create a new lead within Coherent’s CRM. This update is just another way for workspaces to track and stay on top of all lead journeys with Coherent.

It has been great to reconnect with so many of our operators recently. We are also excited to be taking this time to lay the groundwork for bigger things to come later in the year.

If you would like to learn more about each of our features and see Coherent in action for yourself, book a free demo today. 

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