Coherent & GoCardless Partnership


With the evolution of technology, we have witnessed the rise of the Sharing Economy, described by Investopedia as the economic model of sharing access to resources and services typically through some sort of community platform.

This collaborative approach has moved us into an age of rapid technological innovation and it is only natural that entrepreneurs and creatives seek to surround themselves with like-minded professionals.

Coworking provides the solution

Coworking has revolutionised the real estate industry by repurposing space to house professional communities.

The model has made office space more affordable, accessible and sustainable. A significant part of the success of the Sharing Economy, and coworking, derives from the user experience.

For example, coworking spaces tend to outmatch traditional office spaces in terms of contract flexibility, community benefits, networking opportunities and online systems.

Coherent helps to facilitate this movement by building space management software.

Founder, Gavin Eddy, initially developed Coherent to manage his own coworking space, but after speaking with operators he realised there was an opportunity to make the software a stand-alone product.

The platform is designed to simplify routine tasks and create a seamless user experience from onboarding and payment collection to bookings and community connection.

From the beginning, Coherent has collected payments using GoCardless.

This was motivated by the affordability of GoCardless for UK companies, the home country of Coherent, where we planned to establish a stronghold.

We also factored in the freedom we would have to expand internationally when we were ready, with GoCardless supporting over 30 countries. This is a step we have taken at the start of 2020 and we are excited to begin serving spaces across the globe.

Between Coherent and GoCardless, the process for coworking spaces to collect payment from members is entirely automated.

Direct debit means that payment is automatically pulled whenever an invoice is raised, ensuring spaces are paid on time and reducing friction for customers.

This means no more missed payments and no more awkward conversations about money.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with Tom at Coherent or Mario at GoCardless for more information.