Coherent Deep Dive: Access Control for Your Workspace


The growth of technology has transformed the coworking industry over recent years.

We all know that the future of workspace management will rely heavily on software assistance. But as the market becomes more sophisticated, members expectations are increasing.

Coherent has you covered whether you’re a coworking space, a shipping container office, a yoga studio, or somewhere in between.

Coherent transforms the way you work. Give your members that all-round experience they are looking for where controlling access to your workspace is no exception. So join us as we do a deep dive into Coherent’s Access Control for your workspace.

What is Access Control?

It’s essential to manage access in a building with a variety of users, including employees, guests, cleaners, and more. Access Control, simply speaking, allows workspace owners to control who can access their workspace at certain times. Using smart locks, workspace managers can grant their members various levels of access to different areas of their workspace and its resources, depending on the regulations set out in their membership. 

When a member taps their digital key, fob, or enters their pin code, the smart locks review the holder’s permissions before granting them access. By setting regulations, operators can keep their workspace functioning reliably by ensuring that only the right members with the right level of access can enter the building and access specific resources.

Why choose Access Control?

Access Control is great for enabling workspace owners to establish a distinction between their tariffs. Where a workspace serves over multiple floors, operators can include specific resources within certain tariffs, access to a top floor lounge, for example, that only members on a particular tariff can use. Adding distinction between tariffs supports workspaces to introduce perks to different tariffs, providing members with the incentive to move up membership levels. 

Using Access Control also empowers workspaces to run and manage their workspace remotely. As Access Control doesn’t require a front of house host, approved members can access the building as they please, thus providing a more seamless user experience. Being able to control a workspace off-site is also great for helping to maintain the building by being able to grant access to third parties and out-of-hours cleaning teams. 

Overall, having Access Control in a workspace provides many benefits for hosts and supports workspaces to deliver a better all-around experience that members will be seeking.

Access Control and Coherent

Coherent is tightly integrated with Salto KS, an easy to use, intuitive access control system that allows operators to define who goes where and when. Simply select the day(s), timeframe(s) and lock(s) to grant access for specified users.

Once an operator has installed their Salto KS locks throughout their building – on front doors, offices, meeting rooms, studios, and even resources such as lockers –  the next step is to connect their Salto KS account to their Coherent dashboard. Workspace operators can easily do the setup through the integration section on the Coherent app. Coherent works closely with Salto KS so that once the initial setup is complete, all information is stored and updated through Coherent, meaning operators can focus on other areas of business, as Coherent takes care of the rest.

As operators create tariffs for their workspace, they can decide which locks will be accessible to each membership. Similarly, when workspace owners compose resources within Coherent, they simply determine which lock corresponds to which resource in the workspace. Coherent then submits the information to Salto KS, to create access groups. Each operator has their own Salto KS dashboard where they can control and oversee their entire Access Control system.

New member and Coherent

When a new member signs up to a workspace that uses Coherent with Access Control, they will receive an invitation to set up a Salto KS profile. From here, they can download the Salto KS app to use as their digital key to move around the workspace. Coherent automatically submits the new member’s information to Salto KS and assigns the new member to the applicable access group. The new member can then start using the smart locks straight away.

What’s more, with Salto KS, operator’s will gain total visibility for all events and incidents related to their locks. Workspace owners can set email or push notifications for specific events from the web app, such as rejected entries, doors left open or low battery, so they are always up to date with their space.

It’s imperative to manage access in a workspace with various users, and Coherent’s partnership with Salto KS helps workspace owners to control workspace access successfully. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does coherent work with any other access control systems? 

No, we’ve partnered with Salto KS because we believe in the power of their product and service. Salto KS smart locks are high-quality, robust, and can be applied to any existing door. 

Is there any manual work involved to set up Access Control in my workspace?  

Yes, some initial manual work is required, such as having an engineer install the appropriate locks in the workspace and workspace owners submitting the relevant requirements in Coherent for each lock.

Do I need a key to use Access Control?

With Salto KS, you can choose to provide your members with a key fob, pin code, or they can use an app on their smartphone as a digital key to access your workspace. You even have the choice to remotely grant access to any lock from anywhere in the world. 

Can I set my doors to lock automatically at closing time? 

Yes. With Coherent, you can choose to have any door lock at any time, whether that’s locking automatically at closing time, after five minutes or immediately after a member uses the door. Access Control can provide peace of mind knowing Coherent and Salto KS will lock up your workspace at the end of each night. 

What happens when a member cancels their membership? 

When a member decides to leave a workspace, Coherent will revoke their access once their membership has expired. However, operators and hosts have the power to override any settings from the operator’s dashboard anytime they require. 

My dedicated offices have a lot of high-value equipment, can I set these doors to lock when someone leaves the room? 

Yes, with Coherent, you can choose how each door operates, and in most cases, for dedicated office spaces, doors are usually set to lock automatically after each use. Having Access Control is a great way to keep workspace equipment safe and dedicated offices private. 

Can I use Access Control on resources such as lockers?

Yes. The great thing about integrating with Salto is that workspaces can use their smart locks on any resource with a door – offices, studios, lockers, cupboards, mailboxes, meeting rooms, phone booths, and so much more. 

Final Thoughts

Coherent is passionate about helping workspace owners provide a seamless experience for their members, and that is why we are proud to bring you Access Control.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that our software runs systematically, so our operators can focus on other areas of their business.

Would you like to see Coherent in action? Book a free demo or sign up free today.