Coherent has officially launched! 🚀


Since the beginning of this year Coherent has been in private beta, working with several coworking spaces to help us build the best all-in-one coworking space management platform.

After raising £172k in equity crowdfunding, and with the ongoing support of our beta workspaces, we’ve been able to build a lot of features and functionality into the platform that now make it much, much easier for you to manage your coworking space.

With our latest update, we’re now coming out of private beta and launching to the public!

So what does Coherent actually do?

As mentioned above, Coherent is an all-in-one platform - your whole workspace can be managed using just Coherent, rather than relying on a single piece of software for accounting, another one to manage bookings, a shared calendar and a hundred different spreadsheets.

Once you’ve set up your workspace in Coherent, your members are able to see when a shared desk will next be available, if you have any spare meeting rooms, and how much a studio costs per month. They can make their own bookings within Coherent, and switch tariff as they please with just a couple of clicks.

At the end of every month, Coherent automatically generates invoices for your members, sends them out, collects payment, and sends it back to you. Gone are the days of chasing your members for payment!

Coherent also has a built in digital community; your members and their companies have profiles that can be seen only by your members. If one of your members needs to find a web developer or a designer, or just wants to know about the person sat next to them, Coherent is there to help.

If you own more than one workspace Coherent allows you to manage them all under one roof. Set up each workspace individually and assign admin users to have access to whichever workspaces you want them to.

We’ve got some very exciting features coming soon so make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to keep up to date.

If you have any questions about Coherent, you can contact us here

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