Coherent: A Backstory

About Coherent

As a workspace operator, you have the chance to establish something great.

You have the creative freedom to design an inspiring space out of an old factory, hotel or shipping container. You can bring together individuals and businesses into a mixing pot of ideas stemming from all kinds of backgrounds.

And you yourself get the chance to network with your members; meet with interesting people, shape the future of your coworking space in passionate discussions, and even challenge them to a game of table football over a casual beer at the end of the day.

As workspace owners ourselves, we know first hand the struggle of managing a workspace while trying to engage with members.

The reality is, you get to watch your members having fun, whilst you manage bookings, chase outstanding invoices, manually process payments, and all while trying to welcome prospective new members.

This is where Coherent comes in

Coherent was created by a workspace owner with the initial purpose to serve as an internal system. However, when it came up in conversation with other space founders, it quickly became apparent that everyone else was searching for a similar solution.
Every coworking space has its own unique set of problems, but no matter what the space, all of them have expressed their struggle with Managing Availability and Collecting Payments.

Both of these issues make growing a coworking space very difficult or very expensive, and that’s why we built Coherent.

We started with these two problems and over the years have grown to provide an array of beneficial features.

Coherent understands that as a workspace grows, keeping track of desk availability, resource availability, and membership usage becomes increasingly demanding. That is why we created a range of features to support workspace owners to manage their spaces with ease.

We wanted to solve these problems within a single product so that coworking spaces without the budget to hire a team of admin assistants can still grow their workspace, their revenue and their business.

This is where our 1% + VAT pricing plan came from.

Most workspace management software providers use traditional tiered pricing models. These don’t scale well for smaller coworking spaces. The first tier is affordable, but as workspaces add more users and move to the next level, suddenly the price has doubled.

We wanted Coherent to be affordable for even the smallest of coworking spaces.

Before release, Coherent was subject to intense testing within the original workspace before becoming a product in its own right.

Coherent went on to be selected by Google as a ‘Best of British’ startup.

Post-launch, we had much early success signing up spaces in our home territory, the South West of the UK, receiving essential feedback and expanding the toolset of the platform accordingly. This customer-led approach centred around building a robust and reliable platform continues to shape the construction of Coherent today.

Coherent is now used by a wide variety of spaces across the UK, from coworking hubs to serviced offices, and even yoga studios.

What we find so exciting about operating in this field is that it is still young and flexible. Workspace owners are bold and innovative, willing to take risks and push boundaries.

Workspace Management Software has to adapt to new models of work continually. As the industry grows and diversifies, we aim to be nimble and able to accommodate new ideas early.

We think that our track record of ensuring technical reliability before moving to aesthetics will stand us in good stead.

Working alongside our beautiful customers, we are confident that Coherent will evolve in a fluid, logical way, facilitating the future of work.

Would you like to see Coherent in action?

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Until then, have a great week!