12 Ways to Make Your Workspace Coherent


The growth of technology has transformed the business world.

We all know that the future of workspace management will rely heavily on software assistance. But as the market becomes more sophisticated, members expectations are increasing.

Whether you are a coworking space, a shipping container office, a yoga studio, or somewhere in between Coherent has you covered. We even support self-serving offices.

Coherent possesses the power to transform the way you work, and give your members that all-round experience they are looking for.

What can Coherent do for you

All-in-one Dashboards

We believe you shouldn’t need 20 different tabs open to manage your workspace efficiently.

With Coherent, you can access all your workspaces from a single interface and manage your bookings, memberships, member data, invoices and more. Your members also receive their own dashboards where they can control their entire membership themselves. Less time searching for the right tab, more time getting to know your members? Sounds great to us!

Automated Invoicing

From experience, we know the hassle of chasing invoices. That is why we created automated invoicing to make your life easier. 

Invoices generate automatically to all of your members, and for members who join or leave mid-month, they will receive a pro-rata rate. Payments collect automatically via Direct Debit and transfers out into your bank account every month.

You can edit invoices whenever you need to, and they update in real-time for you and your members. Historic invoices are stored forever so you can easily access them whenever you want. Say hello to pain-free invoicing!


At Coherent, we understand there are many parts to ensuring your workspace runs like a well-oiled machine. That is why we support effortless integration with your favourite apps. Whether it’s Mailchimp, Slack, Eventbrite, Salto, or GoCardless, Coherent allows you to keep your community ticking over smoothly with our easy integrations. 

Not only that, but Coherent also integrates with Zapier.

Zapier connects our software to 1000+ other apps and services allowing you to send new bookings to your Google Calendar, receive a text message when a new member signs up, or upload your original invoices to Quickbooks. Never miss a beat in your workspace again.

Access Control

Let your members tap in and out of your workspace with their smartphones. You decide who can access your workspace, at what times and Coherent will automatically grant access to them when they sign up.

Take full control of your resources by allowing members to access Meeting Rooms only when they have a booking. Would you like your members to have access when you aren’t there? No problem, Coherent has you covered.

Lead Management

Coherent understands that following up with potential members can be hard when you don’t have the correct tracking system. Use our software to keep a record of everyone interested in joining your workspace so you never miss out on a lead again.

Set reminders to regularly follow up with leads and receive alerts when it’s time to contact them. Coherent also enables you to send new prospects a unique sign up link that automatically pre-fills the signup form to ensure onboarding is as frictionless as possible. Save them time. Save you time.


Coherent allows you to view your workspaces progress in one place. With our analytics section, you can keep track of your revenue, occupancy and membership popularity.

At a quick glance, you can check your stats for the last 12 months to see how your business is performing each month. Easily see where you are succeeding and where your attention needs to go moving forward.

Visitor Check-in

Be in control and keep a record of everyone who visits your workspace. 

If you have an external device such as an iPad, our visitor check-in system allows guests to check themselves in on arrival. Coherent will then alert your members that their visitor has arrived.

Not to worry though, if you don’t have an external device, a member of staff can manually check-in visitors instead. All your current and recent visitors are easily visible, so you will always know who’s in your building.

Access Anywhere

Coherent is a web app which means you don’t need to download or install anything to use it. You don’t need any specific hardware, and don’t need an engineer to set you up. As information stores in the Cloud, you and your members can log in from anywhere, on any device, and immediately have access to everything you need.

Plus, Coherent is mobile-optimised, meaning your members can make bookings or check their invoices on the go. Which also means you can manage your whole workspace right from your smartphone or tablet when you are at home, on the train, or the beach. Your options are endless.

Easy on the Pocket

We ensure Coherent is affordable for even the smallest of coworking spaces. Therefore, Coherent uses a percentage-based pricing plan, so charges scale to your growth.  We have a genuine interest in supporting your business and helping it grow, that is why we don’t hold anything back! Every feature is unlocked and available as soon as you sign up. 

Would you like to see all of this in action? Contact us to book a free demo of Coherent today.


What can Coherent do for your members?

Coherent puts your members in charge of managing their memberships.

They can choose their membership plan, see how many hours they have remaining for the month, and view any additional charges they’ve incurred. Their current and historic invoices are always available and always up-to-date, so if a charge is added, they can see it immediately.


Coherent gives your members the power to manage bookings through their own dashboard.

You have an overview of all bookings made, as well as the future availability of every desk, meeting room and office in your building. Coherent ensures double bookings are impossible and availability is updated live as bookings are made.

Flexible Memberships

Give your members dedicated or shared access to your desks, studios, meeting rooms and other resources. Choose how many hours they receive per month, and what discount rate they get for extra bookings.

For more casual visitors, use the Pay As You Go membership to charge members for one-off bookings. With hidden memberships, you can create individual memberships for each of your members. Add T&Cs or House Rules for your members to accept before they sign up.

Digital Community

With Coherent, your members have their own profiles. They can easily find out more about the people working around them while promoting their business to their coworkers.

Through the digital community, you can send notifications to your members to let them know about a visitor arrival, a package waiting for them or inform them of any upcoming events you are hosting.

When we say “your workspace managed, your community connected”, we really mean it.  

Would you like to see Coherent in action? Contact us to book a free demo today.

Along with this, Coherent is here to support you and your business. We frequently provide useful articles to boost your space, such as our Guide to Useful Apps, our SEO Guide for Beginners, and our Tips for Reviewing your Quarterly Goals.

Using software to perform background tasks will give you the time to focus on what drives your coworking space forward—the people. 

With no more admin days, you can focus on other essential parts of running your business. Whether it’s promoting your space on social media, creating marketing content, organising events, performing sales outreach, or learning new skills, Coherent frees up your time so you can do what you want to do.

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Until next time, have a great week. 


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