Why did we build Coherent?

About Coherent

Since we launched Coherent almost 2 years ago, we’ve spoken to hundreds of coworking spaces of varying shapes and sizes, in cities all over the world, providing space for businesses in all kinds of industries.

Every single coworking has had its own unique set of problems, but no matter what the coworking space, all of them have expressed their struggle with Managing Availability and Collecting Payments. 

As a coworking space grows and increases the number of members in the building, it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of who is using which desk, when meeting rooms are available, and how many hours members are using each month, compared to what they’re paying for. 

On top of that, each time a new member joins, there’s a new payment process to set up, one more invoice to manually generate each month, and one more person to chase when they don’t pay on time.

Both of these issues make growing a coworking space very difficult or very expensive, and that’s why we built Coherent. We wanted to solve these problems within a single product so that coworking spaces without the budget to hire a team of admin assistants can still grow their space, their revenue and their business

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