What’s New for Coherent? August 2020

What's New

And we are back with another round-up of What’s New with Coherent!

Is it just us, or has August flown past? We can’t believe September is just around the corner!

Over the last few weeks, our team have been busy as ever working away on updates and feature requests from our operators.

Read on to find out what we’ve released this month.

What’s new with Coherent for August?

  • New UI for adding manual charges – We’ve removed the old form and created new ones to make adding one-off and recurring payments much more straightforward. You can now choose an existing recurring charge to add additional quantity to it, rather than creating multiple, individual charges for the same thing.
  • Manage recurring payments in the CRM – Inside the Billing section of an organisations profile, you’ll now see a section displaying all current and historic recurring charges for that member. They can be edited and removed from here, and you can see a history of all updates made for each payment.
  • Updated invoice design – Our invoices have received a bit of a makeover. We’ve made them tidier and more consistent and cleared up some bugs. It’s now much easier for you and your members to see the exact breakdown of all charges.
  • Updated ‘unsubscribe’ and ‘switch tariff’ emails – We’ve updated these emails to make it more apparent for you and your members. You can now easily see exactly when each member’s switch date or final date will be, and now the emails explain better how member’s invoices will be issued.
  • Allow members to access the workspace before launch – Previously if the launch date of a workspace was in the future, members could sign up but wouldn’t be able to access their dashboard until the launch date. Now they can access it immediately. Don’t worry, though, their membership won’t begin until the launch date, so they can’t make any bookings before you’ve opened!

What on the horizon?

  • Integrating with Stripe this project will require some elbow grease from our team, but we couldn’t be more excited to introduce Stripe into our payment plans. GoCardless will remain an option; however, this move with Stripe will open so many doors with our international operators. 
  • Redesigning pages for Operators and Hosts – our login, signup, and invitation pages are all lined up for a makeover. This redesign is to ensure we keep our pages looking fresh, easy to use, and guarantee they are readily accessible for all users. 
  • Overhauling the Organisations page – some pages require a little more than a makeover, and here at Coherent, we aren’t afraid to start all over if we need to. Our Organisations page will see a fresh new look and incorporate some feedback we have received from our clients. 

At Coherent, we look to expand our toolset offering to run in line with our operator’s needs and wants. Our customer-led approach is what continues to shape the construction of Coherent today. 

Do you have any feedback or feature requests for us? We are always looking for ways to improve our system, so don’t hesitate to reach out to hello@coherent.work and let us know!

Until next time, have a great week!

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