What’s New for Coherent? June 2020

What's New

Our users asked. We listened. 

Over the month of June, our small team of web developers have been tinkering away behind the scenes working on a few requests from our clients. 

We like to check in with our operators and are always open to new ways of working that will help us to improve our product. 

Read on to find out what they ask for and how we were able to help. 

What’s new with Coherent for June?

CRM Update

We have created a billing page in the Customer Relationship Management section. You can now easily see the mandate status for every member, the breakdown of their upcoming invoice, as well as being able to access all their past invoices easily.

Salto Update

We have identified and corrected a few issues between Salto and Coherent. With the new fixes in place, you will now be able to access all areas within Coherent, even if a connection can’t be made to Salto at the time, and a new warning will show detailing any issues. 

Resources and Tariff Handling 

We have also added the ability to duplicate resources and tariffs. This function is particularly great if you’ve got lots of resources that are similar but slightly different, like meeting rooms or studios. 

You can now duplicate an entry and edit it, rather than creating them from scratch each time. Likewise with tariffs, handy if you’re creating discounted versions of your tariffs – no need to create them from the beginning every time.

What’s on the horizon? 

An Overhaul

Going forward, we will be working on an overhaul of our organisations page. We want to provide our users with the ability to efficiently source any information they are looking for and have it right at their fingertips. You’ll be able to search for specific members, or filter all those with unpaid invoices, missing direct debit mandates and much more.

A Redesign

We will also be looking into a redesign of our resource creation page to ensure the setup process is smooth for our operators. This development will also lay the groundwork for a future feature; allowing bookings of specific resources to require host approval. 


Here at Coherent, we want to guarantee our software is accessible to everyone. With this in mind, we are updating our colours and styles to ensure all our pages are user-friendly.

Invoice Charges

We want to give our clients full control over their workspace admin as much as we can. For this reason, we will be looking into how operators can incorporate manual charges into their invoices. This update will also allow manual charges to be flagged as deposits.

We want to provide our users with the flexibility to run their workspace however they would like. For more details of our other features click here.

At Coherent, we look to expand our toolset offering to run in line with our operator’s needs and wants. Our customer-led approach is what continues to shape the construction of Coherent today. 

Would you like to join our network and allow Coherent to manage your workspace software? Reach out to us today at hello@coherent.work to find out more.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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