Redesigned Tariff selection pages

What's New

We’ve just released an update that includes a complete redesign of the tariff selection page that your members see when signing up and switching tariffs.

These pages now display far more information about each tariff, including which resources they have access to and how many hours they have, the tariff opening times, and the tariff notice period, making it even easier for members to decide which one suits them best.

This design refresh is also part of the foundation of some future features we want to add to Tariffs, including Deposits, Additional Charges (membership fees, license fees etc.), and optional Tariff Add-ons (lockers, virtual addresses, parking spaces etc.).

We also squashed some bugs in this update and made a few performance improvements.

  • Fixed a bug where a host wouldn’t be added to a Salto access group if they were upgraded to an Admin
  • Improved the way we check invoice statuses when a booking is cancelled
  • Improved the way Zapier queues tasks to improve background speed
  • Fixed UI on booking creation page to make repeating bookings clearer

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy this update! If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are just a click away at

Until next time, have a great month!