Coherent Q3 Round-up

What's New

What’s new with Coherent for Q3?


User Experience Upgrade

We are always looking for ways to better our user experience so that operators and members can move around our app as efficiently as possible. Over the last quarter, we worked on updating the layout of our pages and made improvements to the overall designs to make it easier to navigate between tabs on our app.

Updates to Lead Management Forms

We also worked to improve our Lead Management form so our workspace operators can better serve potential members. 

The information gathered empowers operators with the lead source and how they came to learn about the workspace. We want to arm our operators with as much knowledge as possible so they can convert leads into members more easily. 

This update also lays the additional groundwork for future improvements to our analytics feature. 

Clearer Invoicing 

We have refined how we present reoccurring charges on our dashboards to make invoicing even more of a breeze for our operators. 

Our operators now have a more straightforward overview of their accounts, making them easier to manage and navigate, so they can spend less time working through invoices and more time engaging with their community.

Organisation Page Upgrade  

We have updated the layout of our Organisations page to give hosts and workspace operators a more transparent overview of their active members. 

Coherent will now hide inactive members by default to leave a more manageable results page. Hosts can use the filter function to search through their members quickly. Less time searching, more time taking action.


Screen shot of Coherent App
Tariff Selection 

Over quarter three, we also reviewed how our operators work with tariffs within the Coherent app. When moving between tariff creation, alteration, and cancellations, we’ve improved the workflow to generate invoices more accurately in line with the appropriate action.

This update allows workspace operators to streamline their admin process while keeping all relevant information and charges updated. 

A Revamp to Resources Workflow 

We have updated some of our workflows, including providing operators with a more streamlined way of managing their resources. 

Hosts and operators can now categorise resources to group similar resources together. This improved way of working will better support operators to set up Coherent, so their space works harder for them.  

The work made to the resources workflow is laying the groundwork for further improvements to resource management. 

A Fresh New Look for Our Operator Empty States Pages 

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience of our product, so this quarter, we introduced a new design to our empty states pages. 

With a new look and additional navigation, this update will support our operators and their members to understand and move around our app more efficiently.

New Releases

Improved Membership Onboarding Process 

We have made changes to the member onboarding process over the last few months. This upgrade aims to help our operators provide a more streamlined experience for their members. When a new workspace member signs up, Coherent will direct them to the workspace’s dedicated welcome landing page.

This new onboarding method will allow members to review the workspace tariffs to sign up for the appropriate membership for them. A workspace can find its unique signup link on the About Workspace Settings page of the operators’ dashboard. 

We have also introduced a few updates to the member onboarding process to make it easier and quicker for new members to sign up to their chosen workspace. New members will now be able to track their onboarding process with our new progress bar. This update is the leading work we plan to roll out to the overall onboarding process in the coming months.

Stripe Integration 

For quarter three, we successfully rolled out our new integration with Stripe to our Beta Tester Workspaces. We chose to integrate with Stripe as it will enable us to provide our current and future operators with more payment options. Workspaces will be able to use a combination of payment methods to meet their members’ needs better. 

We are excited about this integration as it will allow Coherent to welcome even more workspaces worldwide. We look forward to introducing this new integration to the rest of our operators over the next few months. Watch out for more information on this integration coming soon. 

What’s on the horizon?

Over the next quarter, we look forward to releasing our long-awaited Stripe integration to the rest of our operators. We are also striving to improve our app’s overall user experience through revisions to bookings and billing. 

We will be looking into laying the groundwork for some more significant projects to release next year. 

If you have any questions or feedback about this update, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always happy to hear from our operators with their thoughts and insights. We hope you enjoy this update.

Until next time, have a great quarter!