Coworking Software and Member Autonomy


If we were asked to decide the greatest impact of workspace management software, we would say the autonomy it gives to members.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of members being able to manage their own time without having to seek approval for each booking, or manually check for clashes in a shared calendar.

We all live busy lives, and time is precious, especially for freelancers and young startups who cannot afford to be fiddling around trying to sort out a meeting room. Members want this part of their experience to be clean, simple and reliable.

How does Coherent give members autonomy?

  • Members receive their own account where they can make bookings, manage their own membership and connect with the community.
  • The system automatically detects availability of resources so there is no risk of overlaps or overbooking. Hours are deducted from monthly allowances, or if they have no allowance, invoices are automatically generated.
  • If a member goes over their monthly allowance they can choose to upgrade their membership.
  • Using the Community feature, members can create their own personal profiles and reach out to fellow coworkers about services or interests.

The amount of time saved for both staff and members by implementing an intelligent management system will greatly improve the efficiency and experience of your space. No more mistakes, no more admin days and no more wasted time.

We think this tweet by Jellyswitch sums it up…