Choosing the Best Name for your Coworking Space pt.2


A while ago we wrote an article about naming your coworking space.

Many of the tips in that article still apply, but we have a few more ideas for those of you still struggling to find your perfect name.

Grab your whiteboard, marker pen and a coffee. And let’s get brainstorming.


Start simple.

Where is your space located geographically? Is there anything you can do with that place name? Perhaps you are blessed with an easy alliteration opportunity, i.e. Wolverhampton Works or Sheffield Studios.

Even if you aren’t, naming based on location can be a smart option when it comes to Google SEO.

Let’s say someone searches for ‘Bristol coworking’ and you are called ‘Bristol Works’ then you will naturally score high in relevance to that search. Although in time, this advantage will become more slender as you grow and establish yourself, it is worth bearing in mind if you a looking for quick search results growth.


This tip was inspired by Gwagle who are based in Abergavenny, Wales. The Cymraeg word ‘Gwagle’ translates to ‘Space’. This is a nice touch as it shows pride in where they are from, but also encourages English-only speakers like me to find out more.

That being said, translation is all about context. We wouldn’t recommend setting up a workspace called ‘ワークスペース’ in the UK as the general public would struggle to engage.

However, calling your coworking space ‘Wabi-Sabi Workspace’ would be possible as the Japanese term is familiar to English speakers, especially with the rise of Marie Kondo’s tidying empire.


This is another simple method. Think about what you want your members to do or feel in your space. Condense that to one word. Now you have your keyword.

Examples; FocusHub, CreateSpace, Zen Zone, Social Studios.

An alternative route, using the same method, is to find a word that defines the members you want to attract.

Examples; Gamers Unite, Coding Collective, YourSpace, The Friend Ship.

The One-Word Solution

So, you don’t want to use generic words like ‘Space’, ‘Collective’ or ‘Studios’.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This naming technique is all about finding a word that conveys something about your space. The word must be able to stand alone, otherwise, it can be jarring, for example calling your workspace ‘Create’ doesn’t quite work. Create what? where? with who?

Here are a few ideas that work, with short explanations.

Fabric – There’s a reason one of London’s most famous nightclubs chose this word as their name. It immediately speaks to the reader of community and kinship.

Fibre – Similar to Fabric, Fibre hints at connectivity. But if you also happen to have the best internet in town then make sure you say so!

Hustle – What do you think when you see this word? Working hard, right?

You, We, Us – Ok.. so this is three words. But I wanted to throw in an off the wall suggestion. The principle is the same. It tells prospective members that they will be a valuable part of the community.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article sparks some ideas to help you find the right name for your workspace!