What’s New with Coherent? December 2021

What's New

We can’t believe 2022 is just around the corner. This year has been one of our most successful years to date!

Before you sign out of 2021, we want to take a moment to celebrate all we have achieved this year, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our wonderful operators and their teams. 

After a festive rest, we’ll be back with big plans to improve Coherent, which we can’t wait to bring to you.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback about this update, don’t hesitate to Contact Us or send us an email at support@coherent.work

For now, join us as we do a wrap of Coherent’s greatest releases of the year!

What’s new for December?

New Members Summary Page

We’ve introduced an additional page for the member’s onboarding process allowing new members the opportunity to review and edit their application before submitting it to a workspace. This new page release reduces workspace admin while providing workspace members with an even more seamless onboarding experience. This update lays the groundwork for additional onboarding improvements coming in the new year. 

Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements

We’ve provided a fix for deposits added to the first two invoices, a resolution for the display error on our tariffs page, and a performance improvement to the invoices page. Everything is back to working as expected.

New Feature Releases

Stripe Integration

Probably one of the most anticipated improvements yet! We introduced Stripe as an additional payment gateway option for our operators, and it was well-received by our operators. We chose to integrate with Stripe as it supports more countries and currencies, giving our operators more flexibility with their workspace management. Stripe has been a great hit with our community, and we look forward to introducing more integrations next year. 

Deposits for Monthly Tariff Members 

At the start of the year, we introduced deposits on monthly tariffs. This feature release enables workspaces to easily collect deposits for resources, such as studios and offices, keep track of how many deposits their holding, and quickly provide refunds when a member leaves their workspace. Deposits on monthly tariffs are just another way Coherent supports operators to run their workspaces with ease.

A Fresh New Website

In October, we launched our new website! We had the honour of working with the talented team at Unfold, who helped us reimagine our website. We can’t thank the team enough for their hard work and making our vision a reality. We hope our community enjoys our new website as much as we do!

Screenshot of Website

Product Upgardes

Updates to CSV Export for Operator Invoices

We’ve improved the content shown in the CSV export file for operator invoices. Along with this upgrade, we also enhanced the search functionality of the operator’s invoices so workspaces can search for the date range required for their records. Further to this update, we redesigned the layout of our operator invoices. The new design is cleaner and provides a more thorough breakdown of charges for each invoice. Operators can find this upgrade in the operator dashboard under the invoices section. 

Improved Membership Onboarding Process 

Over the last twelve months, we have made significant changes to the member onboarding process. Along with a more streamlined design, we improved how operators share their workspace onboarding process with new members. When a new workspace member follows the workspace’s unique link and enters the onboarding process, Coherent directs them to the workspace’s dedicated welcome landing page. 

This new onboarding method will allow members to review the workspace tariffs to ensure they sign up for the appropriate membership for them. Operators can find and share their unique signup link from the About Workspace Settings page in the operators’ dashboard.

Organisation Page Upgrades  

When looking to improve Coherent, our Organisations page was no exception. We have updated the layout of our Organisations page to give hosts and workspace operators a more transparent overview of their active members. Coherent now hides inactive members by default to leave a more manageable results page. Hosts and operators can use the filter function to easily search through their members.

Opening Times on PAYG Tariffs

We are always looking for ways to ensure operators can customise their resources and tariffs to suit their workspace needs. That is why we introduced opening times on Pay As You Go tariffs. Assigning opening times to each PAYG tariff grants members dedicated access times to a workspace. Operators and hosts can update their current PAYG memberships or set opening times when creating new PAYG tariffs for their workspace. This update lays the groundwork for future improvements to our Access Control integration with Salto. Watch out for more information coming on this soon. 

File Management

Over the last year, we have introduced many improvements to our file management system. Within these updates, we made a particular focus on T&Cs for workspaces. Operators can now upload workspace T&Cs that Coherent will automatically add to their workspace tariffs. New members will need to agree to these T&Cs during the signup process. 

As well as being able to upload standard workspace T&Cs, operators can choose to override these with tariff-specific T&Cs for each of their memberships. This update is just one step in our overall file management project coming next year.

Feature Redesigns

Leads Page Redesign

We’ve entirely redesigned the leads page to make it easier for our operators to create and edit leads while showing prospective members at a glance. Our new display is customisable with our added search and filter functionality, so operators can quickly search for lead details such as phone numbers, email addresses, and desired start dates. Operators can also include which resource prospect members are looking to gain access to, such as a studio space, so they know whom to contact when the particular resource becomes available. We’ve also added the ability to set task due dates so hosts can keep up to date with potential members for their workspace. This redesign is a part of our more significant Leads overhaul project coming next year.

A New Look for Our Empty States Pages 

We are always looking for ways to improve the user experience of Coherent, so this year, we introduced a new design to our empty states pages. With a new look and additional navigation, this update supports our operators and their members to understand and move around our app more efficiently. Operators and members will see this new release throughout the operator, workspace, and members dashboard.

Redesigned Integration Pages

Our integration pages have also received a redesign this year to make it easier for workspaces to connect Coherent with their favourite apps. Our developers worked to ensure the integration setup process is now more straightforward, enabling workspaces to get connected quicker. We’ve also made it clearer to see which integrations our software supports and provide a better understanding of each integration’s benefits so operators can choose the right apps for their workspace. We look forward to expanding our integrations library next year.

Task Page Revamp

We redesigned our ‘Alerts’ page to improve the host’s workflow and turned it into a ‘Tasks’ management page.⁠ This redesign aids hosts to have a more precise overview of workspace tasks and their due dates.⁠ Coherent automatically creates jobs for workspace hosts based on member events such as lead follow-ups, cancelled bookings, and any other membership details that need attention. Along with upcoming tasks, hosts will also receive a reminder one month before member contracts expire to allow them ample time to take action. Hosts and operators will find this new update on their workspace dashboard.⁠

Invoice Pages

And last but certainly not least, we redesigned the Invoices pages found on the Operator and Workspace dashboard. Along with a new look, we added a search bar so operators can quickly source their workspace invoices. The invoices pages now show a workspace’s most recently issued invoices by default, so operators better understand what payments to expect. This redesign was the first step in our file management upgrade project coming next year.

What’s on the horizon?

We have set the scenes for many feature upgrades and improvements this year, so we can’t wait to bring these new projects to life!

Next year we are looking forward to introducing new workspace integrations, improvements to file management, and updates to tariffs and resources, to ensure Coherent is as flexible as possible to suit different workspace needs.

Final Thoughts

We just want to take this moment to thank all our wonderful operators, hosts, and audience for their continuous support throughout this year; it means the world to us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for when it comes!

All the best,

– Team Coherent