Interview: Ellie Stack of Mor Workspace


To start, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to Mor?

After moving to Cornwall following on from my degree, I wanted a job where I could meet people. Not being from the area, I wanted to join a welcoming community where I could build relationships, where I would feel welcomed and feel a part of something. I studied in English and wanted to work somewhere where I could combine my creative skills with my writing and marketing and I saw the job advertised at Mor.

2 years later, I’m still here and it’s such a fantastic and welcoming community to be a part of!

What’s the story behind Mor Workspace – when and why did you launch?

Mor Workspace launched 4 years ago when the owner, Matt Miller bought the site as derelict. He slowly renovated each individual section of the building and turned it into a business hub offering coworking spaces as well as office spaces, office suites and conference space. Growth is still very much in the picture, the site has doubled over the past 2 years and there is still room for continual growth and more spaces being renovated.

There’s quite a few spaces in Cornwall. Why do you think that is? and what makes Mor unique?

I think finding work down here can be very difficult and even though the connections to larger cities have improved over the past few years with direct transport links to London and further afield (such as trains and Newquay airport), there seems to be so many entrepreneurial people based down here – wanting to set up there own businesses and run them remotely from Cornwall (I mean, why wouldn’t you, it’s beautiful down here!). Although at first, working from home can seem a luxury, the reality of it can sometimes be quite the opposite. So many of our members tell us that there are too many distractions at home they aren’t half as productive working from home as they are when they go to a space like this, and I totally get that.

Although there are many cool cowork spaces in Cornwall, Mor Workspace is unique because of the sheer size of it. We are much bigger than many of the other business hubs around Cornwall and can offer many other services and I think that’s what makes us such a community.

How are you fostering community among your members?

Community is a huge aspect of Mor Workspace and something we value a lot. We hold regular networking events as well as social events to encourage our members to connect – as a result of this, we’ve found that quite a few of our members have collaborated!

How is Coherent helping you to manage your space?

Coherent has been fantastic for us! It’s professional, easy to use and both for us and our members that use it, it allows you to stay in control of invoicing, desk booking and membership tariffs. The contacts at Coherent are fantastic as well, if ever we’ve had a query they have responded immediately and always managed to solve any issues we’ve faced!

The online portal manages everything regarding our cowork space, we just oversee that everything is running smoothly.

Any exciting plans in the near future for Mor?

There is still room for continual growth at the Mor Workspace site here at Mor Workspace, but every day here is exciting – you should come and see for yourself!

How can people keep up to date with all things Mor? (By the way, I loved your idea to put up signs around Newquay!)

We are avid on all of our social media and keep all of our lovely followers up to date with the latest. We also have lots of signage and banners around Newquay so our members and customers can find us easily. The banners are great to let holidaymakers know that we offer a pay as you go service on our cowork space and offices too!

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