4 Reasons Why Working in a Coworking Space Can Boost Your Career


Over the last few years, the opportunity to work from home (or anywhere you like) has massively become accessible due to ever-developing technology.

In turn, the space-as-a-service industry has become increasingly more popular amongst remote workers alike. 

It’s no wonder coworking spaces are in demand with their professional atmosphere, affordable rates, and an offering to escape from the kitchen table desk. Besides boasting benefits such as access to well-designed spaces, fresh local coffee, and the occasional well-being class, coworking spaces are also excellent for advancing your professional life. 

In this article, we run through four reasons why working in a coworking space can boost your career.

But first, what is a coworking space? 

A coworking space is a place where several workers from different companies share an office environment. By sharing the area, it allows members to save on costs and convenience through the use of shared infrastructure, equipment, utilities and refreshments, along with many other things.

These days coworking spaces go above and beyond, and often offer in-house, self-improvement programs, wellness activities, and encourage professional networking. Coworking spaces are multifunctional and can undoubtedly provide you with more amenities than your typical office. 

Within most coworking spaces, you’ll find a mixed array of members from digital nomads to freelancers, remote workers to start-ups companies. You could even be amongst companies who have chosen to give up their own commercial spaces. With the ability to provide a better work/life balance, it’s clear to see why the space-as-a-service industry has boomed over the last few years.

Regardless of their reasons for being there, the common thing members share is the ability to boost their careers from merely being a part of a coworking community. And here’s how:


1 – Flexibility in working 

Quite often, coworking spaces offer flexible memberships, so you can have the option to manage your rate as it suits you. The adaptability of prices allows small businesses to increase their contracts easily as and when their company grows.

Most spaces have long opening hours too, or flexible access to individual members, which enables the early birds to catch their worms while the night owls are resting. As productivity hours differ from person to person, this flexibility in opening hours can work to your advantage.

Versatility in the design of the space bodes well for many as most areas offer a variety of desk types, seating arrangements, and room facilities. With the option to mix up your day between a booth, a pod, or a desk by the window, you can easily choose a location that suits your working mood. 

Most importantly, coworking spaces allow you to focus on the work, not the logistics of running an office. With this also comes the professional aspect of being able to have meetings in an office environment. Whether that’s meeting with your clients, or hiring your next star employee, coworking spaces can provide the flexibility you need in your working life to boost your career. 

2. Opportunities through networking

Coworking spaces are abundant with individuals from various professional backgrounds. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people, you will be subject to the opportunity to learn from industries you wouldn’t usually be exposed to, when compared to working in a standard office. 

Networking in coworking spaces can open so many doors to meeting new people through referrals. The project you have been working on could be elevated in ways you couldn’t imagine, after being introduced to the right person while at work.

The prospect of better networking comes with it a higher venture of collaboration, too, as coworking spaces are celebrated for their diversity. There is also the likelihood to increase your workflow by outsourcing work to the people around you. 

“You might find yourself working next to a designer one day, a writer the next day and a software engineer the day after.” – Cleverism

So whether you are gaining knowledge, receiving expert feedback, or forming connections within industries you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, coworking spaces are excellent for boosting your career through networking.

3. Self-development 

Whether you are a start-up or a digital nomad dreaming of running your own company, there is nothing quite like learning while working surrounded by headstrong entrepreneurs. 

“Entrepreneurship can be a challenging endeavour with a very steep learning curve, so the faster you can learn, the faster you are going to succeed.” – Cleverism

Learning from your coworking peers isn’t your only opportunity to grow while working in coworking space though. Most spaces host events such as lectures, guest speakers, workshops, or Q&A sessions with industry leaders, on a monthly, if not weekly basis.

Even if you aren’t running your own company, working to your own schedule can be challenging. Coworking space environments can help you develop and master a workflow that is right for you. With most things, establishing the perfect workflow takes time and practice.

Coworking spaces are not only a great place to get focused on your work, but they are also a hub of creativity and innovation. Use your space and time wisely, and you’ll surely be on track to boosting your career in no time. 

4. Increased productivity

“Coworking spaces are more inspirational than the traditional office.” – halfhalftravel.com

Coworking spaces are excellent for providing a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Most of which can come from simply being in the environment itself. Other’s take inspiration from the people and the events around them too.

Working from home can sound ideal; rolling out of bed to your desk, wearing lounge-wear all day, unlimited access to snacks and coffee. 

However, it’s quite often the most distracting place to work in – the house needs cleaning, someone in your home wants your attention, or there is a list of errands on your mind that will “only take 2 minutes” but an hour later and you are still away from your desk. All of these things are common factors continually fighting for our attention when you are trying to focus on work while at home. 

Remove yourself from the busy setting home can sometimes be, and into a coworking space. By making this move, you will allow your mindset to shift and become more productive. Being surrounded by other professionals, will not only keep you in work mode but can also encourage you to improve your workflow, which will ultimately help boost your career. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it four reasons why working in a coworking space can boost your career:

1. Flexibility in working 

2. Opportunities through networking

3. Self-development potential 

4. Increased productivity

We hope this article has inspired you to take the steps you need to find a coworking space that is right for you. Or maybe it has sparked new ideas for you to use in your current space to help boost your career.