Our pricing is really simple


We charge just 1% + VAT on your monthly invoices.

Unlimited workspaces. Unlimited members. No restricted features.

No set up costs. Unlimited support.



Why we chose this model

Traditional tiered pricing models don’t scale well for smaller coworking spaces. The first tier is affordable, but as you add one more user and move to the next tier, suddenly the price has doubled.

We wanted Coherent to be affordable for even the smallest of coworking spaces. If you're making £1000 a month, you pay us £10 (plus VAT). As your revenue increases, the cost of Coherent increases proportionately with it.

Our revenue is dependent on your revenue. As yours increases, so does ours. If yours decreases, then so does ours. We have a genuine interest in supporting your business and helping it grow, because that helps our business grow. We'll help promote your coworking space, we'll provide advice if you need it, and we'll build features that help you to thrive. 


Are there any other charges?

Coherent charges just 1% + VAT. GoCardless take a 1% (minimum 20p, capped at £2) transaction fee on each invoice.

All of our integrations are included for free, but some of them have paid elements. They are optional and any fees would be paid directly to them, not through Coherent