How to Choose the Best Name for Your Coworking Space


Coworking spaces are popping up all over the place; old warehouses, factories, churches and banks are being converted into shared workspaces housing creatives from every industry imaginable. As new coworking spaces open, you need to find new ways to make yours stand out from the crowd.

One of the first things people will see when searching for coworking spaces is your name. And whilst the name of your coworking space should obviously be something eye-catching, it should also provide enough imagery for the reader to understand a bit about what your workspace has to offer.

If you’re struggling to name your coworking space, here are a few thoughts and places you can look for inspiration.

Something work focussed

Including ‘office’ or ‘work’ in the name of your coworking space suggests less creative types, rather ‘traditional’ businesses. It suggests that the workspace itself, and its atmosphere, will draw a lot of inspiration from the structure of normal business offices.

Something creative

If your coworking space focusses on artistic industries; design, illustration, photography, filmmaking etc. describing your workspace as a Studio, Lab or Hub suggests that it will foster creativity and will be full of open plan, well lit workspaces, rather than dull meeting rooms

Something community focussed

Words like ‘hive’, ‘nest’, and ‘collective’ will all give connotations of a very community and people focussed coworking space. Somewhere where the wellbeing of the members and the social aspect of business is as important as the work itself.

Something based on your heritage

If your coworking space is in a building with a significant or interesting heritage, why not name your space after it? ‘The __ factory’, ‘The __ Yard’ and ‘The Foundry’ are common choices. If the street or area that your workspace is in has any heritage, naming your workspace after that is also an option.

Of course, the name of your coworking space is just one factor that conjures up imagery in potential members’ minds. And everyone will interpret your name in a slightly different way. But don’t underestimate the impact your workspace name can have on someone’s impression of the space.

After all, first impressions count.