How Coworking Spaces can use Social Media to Grow their Business


It goes without saying that social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for businesses; it can help you promote your products and services to a wider audience, can generate a pre-launch “buzz” around new features or promotions and gives you a platform to receive feedback on what you’re doing and where you’re going.

This blog is the start of a mini-series looking at how coworking spaces can use social media to grow their business.

Subsequent posts will look at specific social media networks; tips and tricks on how they can be used in the most impactful way.

For now here’s some general advice on to make the most of your social media networks:

Make sure your profiles are complete

As always, first impressions count.

So when someone lands on one of your social media profiles for the first time, you need to make sure they get the information they need, and the impression of your business you want them to have. Make sure you’ve got a profile picture, your banner fits properly, your bio is filled out, and there’s actually some content on your page.

Make sure to include links to your website and a phone number so visitors know where to get more information.

Post regularly

Regularly posting content will help to make sure that you’re regularly appearing in people’s newsfeeds – your brand will be front and centre whenever potential customers are browsing their newsfeed.

It also helps with first impressions.

If someone visits your social media profile and sees that you haven’t posted for a few weeks, they might decide not to bother following you, and consequently may never see any of your content ever again. Even worse, if they see you haven’t posted for a few months, they might think that your coworking space has shut down and therefore look for other spaces in the area

Post a variety of content

Variety is key if you want people to remain interested in your social media channels. Post content about your coworking space, events you’re holding, new furniture you’re installing. Post about open days, free trials and new tariffs. Post about what your members and their businesses are doing, or things going on in the local area. The key thing to avoid directly posting “Our workspace is the best, please sign up”. You should be posting content that makes potential customer realise you’re the best, and therefore want to sign up.

Try out different platforms to see what works for you

It’s become the norm for businesses to have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profile, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you.

You want to invest in the channels that generate the greatest engagement with the audience you want to turn into customers.

You might find that Facebook is the best for that, alternatively, you might find that Snapchat Stories bring greater engagement.

You might find that the combination of Instagram posts and Instagram Stories allow you to connect best with your current customers, as well as potential customers. You might notice that YouTube or Pinterest allow you to the best show your coworking space.

Just try a few different things and see what works best, and make sure not to spread yourself too thin. If you don’t have a dedicated social media manager, you’ll probably find it difficult to maintain 10 different social channels, alongside running your business.

Start off small, focus on a couple of networks and do them really well. Over time you can branch out into others.

Final Thoughts

This was some very general advice about how you should be utilising social media to grow your coworking business. Keep an eye out for the next article on how coworking spaces can use Instagram to show off what they have to offer.

If there are any specific social media networks you want us to dive into, tweet us @coherentcowork