Your members manage their bookings from their own dashboard - they can see how many hours they've used, and how much additional bookings will cost

You have an overview of all bookings made, as well as the future availability of every desk, meeting room and office in your building

Coherent's robust back-end means that double bookings are impossible and availability is updated live as bookings are made


Automated Invoicing

Invoices are automatically sent out for all your monthly members on the 1st of every month. If a member joins mid-month, their invoice will be prorated accordingly

After the invoices have been sent out, payment is automatically collected from your members via Direct Debit, and paid out into your bank account

Current invoices are all live meaning you can add positive or negative charges to them, and they update in realtime, in your dashboard and in your members'


Flexible Tariffs

Create monthly tariffs by giving your members dedicated or shared access to your resources. Choose how many hours they have included, and how much they'll pay beyond their allowance

For more casual visitors, use the Pay As You Go tariff to charge members for one-off bookings, rather than a monthly fee

Set up hidden tariffs to give exclusive discounts or friends and family benefits, and add T&Cs or House Rules for your members to accept before they sign up

Digital community 

Your members have their own personal and organisation profiles. They can easily find a web developer or a marketing guru, and can promote their business to their coworkers

Send notifications to your members to let them know about a visitor arrival,  about an upcoming event, or planned redecorating

Coherent integrates with Eventbrite to promote your upcoming events to your members members, and to Slack so that new members can be easily welcomed into your community


We don’t want you to have to reinvent how you work, just to use Coherent, so we integrate

Coherent is currently integrated with Mailchimp, Slack, Eventbrite and GoCardless, and is compatible with Xero. We'll have more integrations coming soon and we're always open to suggestions

Coherent is also integrated with Zapier which gives you the ability to connect Coherent to 1000+ apps and services. Send all new bookings in Coherent to your Google Calendar, get a text message when a new member signs up, or send your new invoices to Quickbooks

Access Anywhere

Coherent is a web app which means you don't need to download or install anything to use it. You don't need any specific hardware, and don't need an engineer to set you up

All your information is stored in the Cloud so you and your members can log in from anywhere, on any device, and immediately have access to everything

Coherent is mobile-optimised meaning your members can make bookings or check their invoices on the go and you can manage your whole workspace right from your smartphone

Access Control (coming soon)

We're partnered with Salto to bring access control to your coworking space. Easily let your members tap in and out of your coworking space, meetings room, or their own office

Coherent will take care of the set up - when a member signs up to a tariff, they'll automatically be given access to the doors you want them to have access to

If someone stays in a meeting room for longer than planned, you can choose to bill them extra for that time