Your members manage their bookings from their own dashboard - they can see how many hours they've used, and how much additional bookings will cost

You have an overview of all bookings made, as well as the future availability of every desk, meeting room and office in your building

Coherent's robust back-end means that double bookings are impossible and availability is updated live as bookings are made


Automated Invoicing

Invoices are automatically created and sent out to all of your members. Invoices are prorated for members who join or leave mid-month

Payment is automatically collected from your members via Direct Debit, and paid out into your bank account every month

You can edit invoices whenever you need, and they update in realtime for you and your members.

Historic invoices are stored forever so you can easily access them whenever you want

Flexible Memberships

Give your members dedicated or shared access to your desks, studios, meeting rooms and anything else you’ve got. Choose how many hours they get per month, and what kind of discounts they get for extra bookings

For more casual visitors, use the Pay As You Go membership to charge members for one-off bookings

With hidden memberships you can create unique memberships for each of your members. Add T&Cs or House Rules for your members to accept before they sign up


Digital Community

Your members have their own profiles. They can easily find out more about the people working around them and can promote their business to their coworkers

Send notifications to your members to let them know about a visitor arrival, a package waiting for them or any upcoming events

Coherent integrates with Eventbrite to promote your upcoming events, and with Slack so that new members can be easily welcomed into your community


Coherent integrates with Mailchimp, Slack, Eventbrite, Salto and GoCardless.

Coherent is also integrated with Zapier which connects Coherent to 1000+ apps and services. Send new bookings in Coherent to your Google Calendar, get a text message when a new member signs up, or upload your new invoices to Quickbooks

Access control.png

Access Control

Let your members easily tap in and out of your workspace with their smartphone.

Decide who can access your workspace, and at what times and Coherent will automatically grant it to them when they sign up.

Allow members to access things like Meeting Rooms only if they have a booking


Lead Management

Add leads into Coherent to keep track of everyone who’s interested in joining your workspace.

Set reminders to regularly follow up with leads and get alerts when it’s time to contact them

Send them unique sign up links that automatically pre-fill the signup forms to make onboarding as frictionless as possible



Keep track of your revenue, occupancy and membership popularity

You can check your analytics for the last 12 months to easily see how your business is growing each month


Visitor check-in

Keep a record of everyone who visits your workspace. If you’ve got an external device like an iPad, you can use our visitor check-in system to let them check themselves in when they arrive. We’ll alert your members that their visitor has arrived.

If you don’t have an external device, a member of staff can manually check visitors in

All your current and recent visitors are easily visible so you always know who’s in


Access Anywhere

Coherent is a web app which means you don't need to download or install anything to use it. You don't need any specific hardware, and don't need an engineer to set you up

All your information is stored in the Cloud so you and your members can log in from anywhere, on any device, and immediately have access to everything

Coherent is mobile-optimised - your members can make bookings or check their invoices on the go and you can manage your whole workspace right from your smartphone or tablet