Seven Social Clubs to Connect your Workspace


Mission complete! Your space is at full capacity – now to sit back and watch it thrive.

But wait, your members aren’t engaging with each other beyond the usual remarks at the weather whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

What’s the problem? Surely if you throw a bunch of strangers into a shared environment, they will start talking? Well, no, that only happens if they have nothing else to do, like if they are trapped on a desert island or in an elevator. There usually needs to be a framework to stimulate conversation in the real world.

“Ohh, more work? :(“ Don’t worry, I hear you.

That’s why we’ve put together seven great ways to connect your members and get them chatting.

1) Book Club / Film Club

Setting up a book and/or film club is incredibly easy; you are sure to have several avid readers/viewers in your midst who will take up the mantle once you get the ball rolling. The only difficulty is choosing which books to read and films to watch… we’ll leave that dilemma to you.

2) Board Game Night

Announce your first board game night and watch the sparks fly. Tantrums will be thrown, and vendettas will be declared. Nothing brings people together like friendly competition. Find out who is the luckiest member in your space and who is the sorest loser.

3) Art Aficionados

Set a task and make sure there is no pressure to be the next Van Gogh. The quality of the finished efforts will be…varied, but everyone will have fun and feel a sense of achievement. Art is also a fantastic form of meditation – concentrating on a singular task for a short amount of time will sweep away stress.

4) Coding Club

If you have a group of tech-savvy members, then you could look into setting up a coding club. This could involve solving fun problems, starting side projects or peer-reviewing each other’s code. If you don’t know much about code, then simply ask your members if they would like to organise it themselves; as we said, it’s all about the framework.

5) Community Work

People have joined your workspace to up their productivity and find a sense of community. Many would leap on the chance to enact positive change in their local area, whether that be a workplace litter pick or teaming up with a local charity to volunteer for a few hours per week.

6) Pub Quiz Team

Fancy yourself as a quizmaster? Host a monthly pub quiz in your space. Split your members into teams, and they will quickly gel in their desire to be crowned champions. Everyone chips in a few quid; the winner takes all.

7) Lunchtime Joggers

Maybe skip this the day after the pub quiz, but a lunchtime run will get ideas flowing and form bonds between members. Alternatively, you could offer yoga sessions if you’ve got the space or arrange off-site clubs such as 5-aside football or rock climbing.

Final Thoughts

We hope you find some inspiration for social clubs to introduce into your workspace. Did you enjoy this post? Let us know! Join us on our Social Channels.

We look forward to hearing from you.