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  • Coherent invoice UI

    Coherent for Hosts

    Invoices and payment collection on auto-pilot

    Invoices are automatically created and sent out to all of your members where members who join or leave mid-month receive a prorated rate.

    Payment is automatically collected from your members via Direct Debit and paid out into your bank account every month.

    You can edit invoices whenever you need them, and they update in real-time for you and your members.

    Historic invoices are stored forever, so you can easily access them whenever you want.

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  • Coherent automated booking UI

    Booking Management

    Get ready to automate your workspace bookings

    Give your members the flexibility to manage their bookings directly from their own dashboard. At a glance, they can see how many hours they have acquired and the price for additional sessions.⁠ ⁠

    As the operator, you have an overview of all bookings created, as well as the future availability of every desk, meeting room and office in your building.⁠ ⁠

    Coherent ensures double bookings are impossible and availability is updated live as reservations are made.⁠

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  • Flexible memberships

    Give your members dedicated or shared access to your desks, studios, meeting rooms and other resources.

  • Access anywhere

    Coherent runs in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere you’ve got an internet connection – laptop, phones, and tablets no problem.

  • Visitor check-in

    Keep a record of everyone who visits your workspace and alert members when their guests arrive automatically.

  • Powerful analytics

    Keep track of your revenue, occupancy and membership popularity.

  • Lead management

    Keep track of new people who are interested in joining your space and set reminders to follow up.

  • Access control

    Let your members tap in and out of your workspace with their smartphone at times determined by you.

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