Coherent has been built by a team with over 10 years experience managing coworking spaces. We understand the day-to-day struggles you face and have designed Coherent from the ground up to take care of them for you


The original focus of Coherent was to solve two common problems; managing availability and collecting payments.

We’ve built a robust system to make sure that availability is accurately tracked and always up-to-date, and money is collected and paid out automatically, without you needing to lift a finger


Working closely with our users, we’ve continued to add features to Coherent, taking care of all aspects of workspace admin and helping to empower your community.

Independent host and member dashboards, integrations with your favourite products, analytics, lead management, access control - Coherent has it all 

Member dashboard.png

All-in-one dashboards

You shouldn’t need to have 20+ tabs open just to manage your workspaces.

With Coherent you can access all your workspaces from a single interface, and manage your bookings, memberships, member data, invoices and more, from a single dashboard

We’ve also built dashboards for your members so they can manage all aspects of their membership in one place


For hosts

With Coherent, all of your admin is handled from a single dashboard.

You can manage your workspace and memberships, keep an eye on resource availability and access your current and historic invoices all in the same place

Easily keep on top of all of your leads, check the health of your workspace with analytics and integrate with the products and services you’re already using

Host dashboard.png

For members

Coherent puts members in charge of managing their own memberships, from their own dashboards

They can choose their membership plan, see how many hours they have remaining for the month, and see any additional charges they’ve incurred

Their current and historic invoices are always available and always up-to-date so if a charge is added, they can see it immediately

In the Community, members can find out more about the people working around them

Here's What Our Users Think Of Us


“Coherent is amazing. It makes invoicing and booking so simple - in fact we don’t have to do anything on that front anymore which has saved us so much time.”

Rog & Cat @ Pollen Place


“The customer service & support we’ve received from the guys at Coherent has been outstanding – they’re always on hand to help and happy to try and make the system work as best they can for our workspace. We would definitely recommend Coherent to other workspace providers!”

Kelsey @ Wizu Workspace


“Not only has it been a solution for all of our membership management and payment processing, it has been a journey working with the Coherent team that has improved the quality of our service beyond what we could have ever achieved ourselves.”

Jacob @ engine.