We built Coherent to solve two problems that all coworking spaces face;

managing availability and collecting payments. 


managing availability

Your members manage their own membership and make their own bookings. Coherent keeps track of their hours used and manages your resources, making sure double bookings are impossible. You and your members can always see the current availability of everything in your workspace.


Collecting Payments

Invoices are automatically sent to your members every month, and payment is automatically collected from them by direct debit. Your money will land in your bank account, on time, without you needing to lift a finger. 


After solving those problems, we built coherent into an all-in-one platform to handle all of your admin 


All-in-one dashboard

You have your own admin dashboard where you can manage every aspect of your coworking space. If you've got more than one space, you can access them all from the same dashboard

If you've got different admin staff at each space, each one has their own dashboard, with access only to the spaces you want them to

Your members also have their own dashboard where they can manage their entire membership including bookings and invoices.


Connected members

Your Community is what sets your coworking space apart from the rest. Welcoming new members with open arms, hosting events, and providing introductions and connections is a great way of holding onto your members

To support this, we've built a digital community for your members to promote themselves and their businesses. We've integrated with Eventbrite so your events appear in your members' dashboards, and with Slack so your members can keep in the loop with everything that's going on


Integrated Services

Coherent integrates with the products you already know and use. We don't want to build yet another instant messaging platform or accounting tool and we don't want you to have to reinvent the way you work, just so you can use Coherent

Coherent integrates with Eventbrite, Mailchimp & Slack, and is compatible with Xero. Our Zapier integration means you can connect Coherent to 1100+ services including Google Calendar, Quickbooks, Capsule CRM and many more 


Here's What Our Users Think Of Us

22Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 14.36.16 copy.png
Coherent is amazing. It makes invoicing and booking so simple - in fact we don’t have to do anything on that front anymore which has saved us so much time. Coherent makes our space feel more professional to our members, with people able to self-book their own desks and check availabilities.
— Rog & Cat How @ Pollen Place
Lewis 1.jpg
Coherent is a brilliant admin (and stress) reliever. It takes all the hassle out of new members signing up and definitely makes the whole process more professional. The customer support is incredible and I feel really confident using it.
— Lewis Kay-Thatcher @ Lunar HQ
Georgie Photo.jpg
The best thing about Coherent is that it completely automates the day-to day running of our space. Coherent takes care of the sign-up process, monthly billing, meeting room booking as well as tariff changes and cancellations. It means that members have a lot more control on their own tariff and bookings and frees us up to focus on moving the business forward.
— Georgina Mallabar @ Redbrick House