Build a Business Strategy for your Coworking Space


This blog idea materialised when making quick-cook noodles…

Just like making noodles, when it comes to business we should initially spend less time doing, more time thinking.

All too often we feel pressured to get started on a marketing campaign before we know the steps we need to take, the results we want and how we plan to measure success.

Instead, we muddle through, hoping for the best, it becomes a quagmire, your initial goals are lost in the nether and it starts to feel like a drag.

We’ve all been there, right?

Before you start… Think

Let’s use the noodles as an initial example;


  • Good water to noodle ratio
  • Maximise extraction of flavour from sachets
  • Avoid ruining clothes


  • Measure water instead of guessing
  • Pour water into the sachets first to get very last bit of flavouring
  • DO NOT wear a white t-shirt


  • Perfect noodles (as as cup noodles can be)
  • Clean clothes
  • Tried and tested method we can use for other noodle campaigns

Next Step

Now let’s apply this same methodology to your coworking space;


  • Reach max occupancy
  • Create a thriving community
  • Streamline administrative tasks


  • Create engaging content for social media to attract new members
  • Spread the word in the local community via promotional flyers and events
  • Start learning about SEO and Google Analytics to establish a digital stratgey
  • Set up new social clubs to encourage interaction between members
  • Sign up to Coherent


  • Actionable and measureable marketing strategy
  • Members are socialising and friendships are being formed
  • Automated administrative tasks and members are mangaing themselves

Long Term > Short Term

Right now you may be thinking ‘that’s all well and good, but how long is that going to take?’, ‘I don’t know where to start with creating a digital strategy’ or ‘I don’t have time for social media.’

That’s ok, it is daunting to re-evaluate the way you are running your business.

At first it may seem like you have a mountain to climb, but if you divide it into smaller parts then it will start to seem attainable. For example, you may start by choosing which social media channels you think will be most effective for your business.

Do your research into competitors and success stories, then start to implement your own ideas and monitor results. When you feel comfortable with that, move onto your next objective. Completing bite-sized tasks will give you confidence, momentum and results.

Key Point – If you invest time now into making a proper strategy, you will find yourself with more time in the future.

Ready to get started?

To help you get started, here are a list of questions you could answer about your business. They will shape your future and should be updated regularly.

1) What is your mission statement?

2) Who is your ideal customer? Why should they choose you?

3) What do you want to achieve?

4) How do you plan to measure this?

5) What tools do you need to learn?

6) What is the timeframe?

We’ll be putting together more guides on digital strategy, social media and business development soon.

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