Huge update to Coherent - Slack integration, recurring bookings and more!

We’ve spent the past couple of months working on some really big updates, and we’re pleased to announce that they’re now live!

Coherent now connects to your Slack account. If you’re already using Slack in your coworking space, you’ll love this feature. Now every time a new member signs up to your workspace on Coherent, they’ll automatically be added to a Slack channel.

Now you no longer need to worry about manually inviting new members, and newcomers can even more easily become part of your coworking community.

Your members can now make recurring bookings. If you’ve got members that need to book a meeting room every Monday morning for the next couple of months, they can now easily do it with just a few clicks. Even if they change tariff before the end of the recurrence, their bookings will still be saved and they’ll be charged accordingly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.31.32.png

You can create recurring charges. If you want to charge a member for something, without having to create a tariff, you can just add a manual charge to their invoice. If you want this charge to be automatically applied each month, now you can. So now you can delete those reminders from your calendar to add the charges each month.

The bookings page has had a design refresh. We’ve made it even easier to make bookings. We now display the resource descriptions so your members know they’re booking the right thing, we display discount bundles more clearly so they can take advantage of any offers you have, and we more clearly display their monthly tariff allowance

Pay As You Go members can immediately switch to monthly members. Previously if a PAYG member wanted to move to a monthly tariff, they would have to wait until the 1st of the next month. That seemed a bit silly really, so we’ve changed it so they switch immediately. Their first month cost and tariff allowance will automatically be pro rated if they switch mid month.

On top of all this we fixed some bugs around cancelling PAYG invoices, discount bundles not displaying correctly and emails that are sent out to workspace hosts. We made some improvements to New Signup and Unsubscription emails and tweaked some stuff in the Organisation profiles.

If you run a coworking space but you’re fed up of spending all your time doing admin work, get in touch for a demo! Email us at