New Educational Empty State Pages

We've just released an update to make the onboarding process for you and your members, even smoother.

And what's especially exciting about this update is that it's the first feature release from our new front-end developer. Kat has only been working with us for a month and only started learning to code a few months ago! She's already working on some big UI improvements and will soon be looking at a huge redesign of our CRM feature, so keep your eyes peeled!

Educational empty state pages
When you visit a page for the first time, you'll now see a message explaining what that page will display, or what that particular feature does. Once some content has been added to the page, the message will disappear.

If you're already using all the features that Coherent has to offer then you won't see any of these messages - they're really intended for new Coherent users. As we add new pages, we'll add new empty state messages to help you get to grips with our new features

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-28 um 10.23.02.png

We've also added these pages to the members dashboards so when new members sign up they'll get an introduction into the booking system and how the invoicing process works

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-28 um 10.24.10.png