The Clownfish and the Sea Anemone

Coherent has the fairest pricing model of all the workspace management platforms. Charging customers just 1% + VAT on their monthly invoices.

What does this have to do with these colourful clownfish and their sea anemone home? 

Well, in this comparison, Coherent is the sea anemone and our customers are the clownfish. Not because we sting things and our customers tell us bad jokes! Rather, it’s because we engage in a symbiotic relationship with our customers.

What does that mean? Well, in nature a symbiotic relationship is when two or more different lifeforms live together, usually with mutual benefits. For our sea-based counterparts that involves fending off predators, providing nutrients and general matters of survival.

The flexible working world isn’t quite so dramatic, but the idea is the same. 

By committing to a scaling price model we have tied our fate to our customers. The more they grow, the more we grow. So we have every incentive to build the best platform possible, provide the fastest customer support, and join forces on marketing efforts.

Have Your Say

This works both ways, of course. Feedback plays a vital role in helping us to decide what features to build next and identify pesky bugs. 🐛 

Earlier this year, we sent our customers a survey and shifted our priorities according to the results. We really value this ongoing dialogue with our users and see it as an important part of shaping our future.

Another way you can help Coherent is recommending the platform to your clownfish compadres. You could also follow us on Twitter (@coherentcowork) and sign up to receive our newsletter.

What does the 1% fee include?

Unlimited workspaces. Unlimited members. Unlimited support. No restricted features or paywalls. No set-up fees.

Why did we choose this model?

Traditional tiered pricing models don’t scale well for smaller workspaces. The first tier is affordable, but as you gradually add users you could suddenly find yourself moving to the next tier, the price doubles and your margins dwindle.

We wanted a model that was fair and transparent. Knowing that Coherent is only going to take 1% at the end of the month means you can plan ahead and there isn’t a scary price jump waiting in the future.

Eager to explore this anemone?

You can sign up to explore Coherent for free on our website!

The free version will allow you to check out the platform for an unlimited amount of time until you are ready to commit. You only start paying when you add a paying member to your workspace.

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