A bunch of useful stuff #003

A unified workspace for teams, all-in-one website analytics and free, high quality photos

Even with the advent of collaborative documents and task management tools, it can still be difficult to remember what you’ve discussed where, which documents are stored in which place and who has access to what.

Notion puts everything in one place; all your docs, wikis and tasks are organised, searchable and accessible by your whole team. It integrates with Slack so everyone can keep up to speed with the changes you’re making.

Tracking where your website visitors came from is obviously crucial for optimising your marketing channels. But learning what your visitors are doing once they land on your website requires just as much attention if you want to make sure that visitors become subscribers or customers.

Hotjar provides an all-in-one analytics & feedback tool, giving you access to heatmaps, mouse tracking, conversion funnels and form analysis. Now you can analyse and optimise every little aspect of your website to maximise your conversions.

Getting the right visuals for your social media campaign is crucial and can mean the difference between a click, and simply scrolling past.

Pexels has thousands of free, high quality photos that you can download and use anywhere you want, even for commercial use. Hundreds of new photos are added daily so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect photo for your campaign or website.

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