A bunch of useful stuff #002

Remote team management, simple sharing buttons and perfect emails 


Managing a remote team is tough, especially when half your team is on one side of the world, and the other half on the other side. Communication software, collaborative online working environments and scheduling tools make it easier to manage, but there’s still one huge problem. Timezones.

Timezone.io was a side product of a Buffer Product Engineer and cleanly displays the timezone, time difference and current time of all of your remote workers around the world. It was about time someone built this...


Having ‘share to twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/via email’ buttons on your website nowadays is crucial for word-of-mouth marketing. The sharing button scripts provided by the social networks themselves normally use JavaScript, download multiple files and track users across the web.

Sharingbuttons.io outputs buttons that don’t use Javascript and as a result use 12x fewer HTTP requests, load your webpage incredibly quickly, and don’t block your website from rendering


There are an infinite number of combinations of device, browser and email client. Guaranteeing that your email will appear exactly how you want it to, in every single inbox it arrives in, is therefore quite difficult.

With Litmus you can see in real-time how your email will look in over 50 different email clients. You can test links, images, subject lines and load times to make sure your email is perfect before it’s sent out to your thousands of subscribers

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