A bunch of useful stuff #001

Find journalists, get qualitative data on your websites visitors, and nail your customer service

Coherent is a workspace management tool to save you time. It saves workspace operators’ time by taking care of all the boring admin work. And it saves workspace members’ time by giving more control over your bookings, tariffs and account.

The purpose of this blog series is the same; sharing tools that save you time. We’ll be sharing a bunch of tools and resources that can help save you time, so you can focus on the important stuff.


If you’ve ever launched a product and tried to get press coverage, you’ll know how difficult and time consuming it can be to a) know where to start looking for a journalist, b) find a relevant journalist, and c) find a journalist that actually wants to write about you!

Hey.Press is a database of tech journalists that allows you to search by keyword such as bitcoin or virtual reality, showing you a list of relevant journalists.


Even with all the analytics tools in the world, you can only really know what your visitors are doing. It’s then up to you to make guesses and assumptions as to why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Qualaroo makes it easy to survey specific groups of visitors on your website to gain qualitative data.


Customer service is a tricky one, and it’s a difficult thing to scale. The statistics vary a lot, but on the whole, if someone has a bad experience, they’ll tell a lot more people about it than they would if they had a good experience.

Drift uses Artificial Intelligence in the form of a chatbot to guide your website visitors to the correct customer support team, and send the right messages to the right customers at the right time