What is Workspace Management Software? Why should you care?

Are you still using a combination of Excel, a leaning tower of files, memory and charm to manage your workspace? Well, keep the charm and the good memories, but Workspace Management Software (WMS) could seriously change the way you work.

So, what is Workspace Management Software? To keep it short and sweet, WMS is an all-in-one interface designed to handle administrative functions (e.g. invoicing and tracking availability), reduce the number of systems you use to manage your space, and provide tools to develop your community.

Rather than go through features, I’d like to outline the rippling effects of using a WMS and suggest how staff could utilise newfound time. I’m going to speak specifically about Coherent, because, you know, it’s our blog… but these advantages could be applied more widely to other systems.

You can view the features in more detail via our website —  https://coherent.work/features

Member Retention

Retaining your current members is the most important step in developing a successful workspace. There is the obvious financial benefit of a fully housed workspace, but also, by building a thriving community you are more likely to get positive reviews and recommendations. A workspace with great culture will always have people queueing at the door to sign up, and if enough people are queueing… you got it, a new workspace!

So, how does Coherent help with that? Well, firstly it reduces the chance for human error by automating arduous administrative tasks such as invoice raising and tracking availability of your member space. In turn, this reduces the chance of damaging relationships with your members through a series of unfortunate events.

Automated Invoice Generation

Automated Invoice Generation

Secondly, and more excitingly, this frees up your workspace hosts to spend more time adding social value to your space. For example, starting a book club 📚 a 5-aside football team ⚽ buying more plants 🌵organising socials 🍹 or hosting information sharing events ℹ️

Member Outreach

Currently relying solely on your website for attracting new members? With Coherent doing all the background work, your hosts can focus on maximising the number of people in your workspace. They will have time to build social media presence, create content for your blog, design regular newsletters, post on forums, or forge connections with external agencies to find new members.

Coherent also comes with a lead management interface that makes it simple for staff to track current leads and set reminders to contact them. When a lead has agreed to sign up they can easily be converted into an active member via this system. And those who decide not to sign up 😢 are organised into a separate field so they could be re-approached in the future.

Lead System Interface

Lead System Interface

Staff Metamorphosis 🦋

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report, 94% of employees said they would stay longer at a company if it invested in their career. People want to feel like they are moving forward in the workplace, learning and developing; this isn’t going to happen in the admin quagmire.

With Coherent doing some legwork, your staff will have the time to develop a new array of skills, from social media and community building, to event management and business development. All while being the resident DJ…

Now, let’s say one of your team does decide to move on, having all of your organisational tools come under one umbrella means that training time and complexity is dramatically reduced.

Less Mess = Less Stress

By having Coherent manage your workspace you will be able to shrug off that rain cloud of administrative demands that has been following you around. 🌤️Let’s be honest, no-one enjoys that stuff, and a happy workplace is a productive workplace. 

We would argue that the greatest strength of Workspace Management Software is its ability to give you and your staff the headspace and time required to generate and execute new ideas that will take your workspace forward.

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